Automated COVID Screening

COVID Navigator is a mobile app that supports your people with daily symptom tracking and temperature logging right on their own phone. Automate, track, and document all of your screening efforts and create a safe environment.

Cleared for Work

  • Assess risk and display an easy-to-see badge
  • Quick daily screening questionnaires completed at home before coming to work
  • Retake symptoms and log daily temperatures
  • Status badge changes in real-time and tracked in employer case management system
  • Follows Latest CDC Guidelines
  • HIPAA Compliant and Confidential

Manage Exceptions

View at-a-glance status of each person

Case Notes document temperature readings, task certifications and interactions and allow personalized action plans for recovery

Temperature readings recorded and retained for each person for easy review

Capture and store a person’s signature certifying self-reported information

Receive notice if temperature readings exceed threshold

Run quick daily reports to know immediately who needs follow-up

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