Software for Coordinating the Entire Care Team

iHealthHome offers a comprehensive technology platform for holistic client-centered care management.

Our mission is to make it easy to help you serve more seniors and grow your business.

Care Management is evolving and growing. The opportunities have never been greater to coordinate care for seniors who want to age well at home. But no two seniors are alike and new payer sources are emerging to assist. “It Takes a Village” to enable a senior to remain safe and healthy at home and iHealthHome provides all the tools you need to help and succeed in a changing environment.

  • Secure Your Clients’ Health Information
  • Coordinate Family
  • Monitor Health and Vital Signs
  • Manage Medications
  • Guide Caregivers
  • Easy Notes and Billing Workflow


iHealthHome has everything you need to deliver well-coordinated, compassionate care in the home while also managing your business.  From assessments and planning tools, to documenting your time, billing and reporting all with mobile access from anywhere.

Conduct your assessment with dynamic forms, generate the plan of care, define your ToDos, and securely share with the entire care team including the family via mobile access.

Coordinate services, document your work, monitor care and communicate seamlessly all while collecting process and outcomes data from the home and community setting.

iHealthHome’s unique document time solution allows for dictation of notes on your mobile device with easy access to desktop for completion and editing of your notes that then seamlessly leads to invoicing.

Enter your clinical note, billing, expenses, mileage and payroll information all in one place, at one time.  No more duplicate entry to do your billing and payroll.

Effortlessly generate reports to summarize your work, assess your clinical outcomes and keep track of your business progress with exportable reports and graphic dashboards.


Family caregivers are a critical component to the holistic care team.  iHealthHome makes it easy for you to keep family informed every step of the way.

Easily share your plan of care with family members to help them understand their loved ones Issues, Interventions, and the Important Actions you will be taking to assist them.

When providing family caregivers with mobile access to Summary Notes, you can effortlessly keep them informed within your workflow and without taking extra time out of your day.


Time is of the essence when coordinating with doctors, hospitals and emergency room personnel on behalf of your clients and family caregivers.

Track and log hospitalizations and emergency room visits to enable you to track the impact of your care management activities on prevention of these key health events.

Keep track of current client vaccinations and even upload pictures of vaccination cards.

Easily access med lists on mobile devices and a value add for families is to be able to have family access to med lists on their phones as well.

Care managers are important keepers of critical information in times of urgent need.  Access medication lists, allergies, medical conditions and current diagnoses right on your mobile device whenever and wherever you need it.

Easily print take-away medication lists and other information that you have collected to share with other healthcare professionals as needed.

Easy access to a list of all physicians and their contact information.


“It Takes a Village” for a senior to stay healthy at home.  Care Managers coordinate a variety of community services on behalf of their senior clients and iHealthHome makes it easy track with outside vendors.

iHealthHome puts at your fingertips a list of all community resources and their contact information.


With the severe workforce shortages of professional caregivers, Care Managers are often asked by families to help them coordinate multiple caregiving agencies to meet their staffing needs at home.

iHealthHome’s client calendar allows you to keep a single calendar of all your appointments with your client AND to book scheduled visits from caregiving agencies and share that with your family caregivers.

Care Managers who have caregiving employees or contractors can have the capability of a full home care scheduling system as part of iHealthHome. 


Remaining independent at home in this digital age often see Care Managers assisting with on-line orders, scheduling transportation, as well as coordinating other services to be brought to the home. 

iHealthHome puts at your fingertips a list of all community resources and their contact information.

Forms can be customized to be specific to the intake information needed for various types of ancillary providers to make it easy to access the information needed to place orders.