iHealthHome Partners with TibCo to Optimize Home Care Business Intelligence

MAY 2018

iHealthHome, a leader in home and community care management software, announced the release of their implementation of TibCo Jaspersoft – allowing for embedded and advanced healthcare business intelligence capabilities. Care managers and home care agencies will now have immediate access to real time dashboards and reports about the quality of their services, their impact on health outcomes, and ultimately the performance of their business.

As providers conduct the routine daily work of caregiving for seniors in their own home, large amounts of data is simultaneously generated. By using iHealthHome’s clinical documentation, Caregiver2Go mobile app, remote telehealth and the interactive plan of care, providers will now be able to collect said data, and have the analytical ability to see how services are contributing to their clients’ healthy, safe, and independent lifestyle at home.

“The paradigm for in-home care is shifting. The introduction of analytic tools for the management of care in the home will better equip in-home providers to face their biggest challenges.” said Dew-Anne Langcaon, CEO of iHealthHome. “The aging tsunami of seniors, a severe shortage of professional caregivers, and increasing competition among provider agencies means a call for innovation. Families now expect home care providers to be using mobile technologies and strong decision-making tools to provide the highest quality of care for their seniors.” A study by Deloitte reports that while 8% of families are using technology to care for their senior loved ones at home, 38% would like to.

Langcaon continued, “Paper charts in the home used to be acceptable – that is no longer the case. Mobile, electronic documentation is the standard and agencies need to harness the data they are collecting and turn them into actionable activities. This differentiates successful agencies from the competition – the ability to do more to give families peace of mind. Providers will be able to demonstrate that they can help keep seniors out of expensive care institutions and better manage chronic conditions, both of which will reduce the overall cost of healthcare. Additionally, the data can be used by agencies to improve their business processes and contain costs so that their services can remain competitive, affordable and profitable.”

For more information about iHealthHome’s comprehensive care management suite, please visit https://www.ihealthhome.com/request-demo/ to schedule your demo. iHealthHome is also exhibiting May 10-12, 2018 at the Aging Life Care Association Annual Conference at The Palmer House Hilton in Chicago, IL.

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