MyCare Alliance Launches a Virtual Shared Services Collaboration to Keep Aging at Home Affordable

MyCare Alliance was formed by the following experienced, women-owned, senior service businesses: Diversified Nurse Consultants, Peggy’s Place, Choices in Senior Care, Care Around the Block and Ho’okele Health Innovations, along with person centered software provider, iHealthHome. Their common vision is to make aging at home affordable, safe and purposeful. The alliance launched in 2019 to address many issues facing the aging care industry by offering a holistic suite of technologies and services for providers of care management, home care, adult day care and other in-home senior services.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (PRWEB) August 16, 2019 — Keeping aging at home affordable is a challenge today for senior services providers with workforce shortages, increasing regulatory requirements and the ever-changing technology landscape. A team of experienced senior services business women have launched a new service to help fellow entrepreneurs streamline their administrative overhead so that they can focus on enabling their senior clients to thrive at home affordably.

MyCare Alliance is a movement of like-minded senior care providers who are passionate about transforming aging at-home services. “Our mission is to empower senior service entrepreneurs with the tools they need to lower their costs, improve the sustainability of services and enhance the experience of aging at home,” said Ginger Jones, Chief Executive Officer for MyCare Alliance. “There’s strength in collaboration. Senior care companies who join MyCare Alliance gain access to a suite of technology tools and services that will allow them to revolutionize the way they do business in ways they may not be able to do on their own.”

“With some of my complex administrative processes now handled by MyCare Alliance, I have more time to focus on client care and I’m spending fewer dollars on my back office overhead which helps me to keep costs down for my customers,” says Mary Wegman, CEO of Care Around the Block, a private care management and home care agency in Knoxville, Tennessee and co-founding Ally of MyCare Alliance.

The heart of MyCare Alliance’s capabilities is a single technology platform that automates workflows, digitizes
data capture from the home and community, and interfaces with third party ancillary systems such as accounting, billing, and merchant services today, and in the future with payroll, human resources management systems and more. “Our goal is to join forces to offer our Allies advanced technology solutions and the support services to adopt them at prices they can afford,” says Dew-Anne Langcaon, CEO of iHealthHome, co-founder and technology partner of MyCare Alliance.

With a uniform platform and standardized processes, MyCare Alliance is able to support its Allies virtually from its’ service center headquartered in New Albany, Indiana. “When I started my care management business 15 years ago, I never imaged how complex my billing and accounting would become as our business grew. With the help of MyCare Alliance, I have highly qualified individuals helping me with billing and accounting for my business in Hawaii all the way from Indiana,” says Bonnie Castonguay, President of Ho’okele Health, a private care management and home care agency in the state of Hawaii and co-founding Ally.
In addition to core administrative services, MyCare Alliance houses an Innovation Accelerator where Ally entrepreneurs can share their ideas for improving aging at home and MyCare Alliance will assist them with bringing it to market. Working together to revolutionize the way we age at home is the mission of MyCare Alliance and entrepreneurs interested in joining the movement can learn more at

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