We're more than your software provider.

We're your partner in senior services automation.

Software is just a tool. The secret is knowing how to leverage the power of software to streamline your processes and reduce your overhead cost. This means integrating that software into the workflows that make sense for your business – not the opposite way around. From clinical processes, financial workflow to monitoring and connecting to the home to engaging seniors and their family – automation is changing the way seniors are served in their homes and the community. iHealthHome is your automation partner.

At iHealthHome, our goal is to make it easy to automate so you can do what you do best – care.

Service Offerings

· Professional consultation by experts in senior services business processes

· Staff training

· Data conversions

· Workflow process re-design

iHealthHome’s implementation specialists are all experts in the senior care industry. From onboarding to process re-design, our team know and understand your business because we’ve worked in the business. We’re not technicians, we’re care managers, home care operators, business owners and senior services administrators who have real life experience using technology to make it easier to serve seniors and successfully manage operations in the senior care industry.

Onboarding with an iHealthHome expert includes understanding your workflows, configuration of the system to your workflow and assisting with data transfers from paper processes or another system. We train your super users and can help you to train your staff as well. And once your system is live, we’re there to continue to support you with whatever you need: from video training to building custom forms and consulting on process design, our professional services are available to assist you any way we can.

Making it easy for your staff to adopt a new process can be a costly challenge. With iHealthHome’s dynamic forms capabilities, you can closely mirror existing forms and processes you want to keep and

easily modify those processes that you want to evolve so that data entry can be as painless and efficient as possible for your staff.

· Build dynamic forms to streamline data collection within natural workflows

· Ease software adoption challenges by digitizing familiar processes

· Processes evolve as your need change and so can iHealthHome’s dynamic forms

iHealthHome’s dynamic forms engine, allows you to either use our standard library of forms, or create your own. We can train you to create your own forms, or we’re happy to help build them for you as a service.

Data, data, data is so important to you and your customers, yet so difficult to obtain from home and community based senior services. iHealthHome makes it easy to harvest and analyze the rich data you are collecting in the field and generate quantifiable outcomes demonstrating the value of your services.

· Robust data reporting

· Graphical dashboards

· Advanced design tools for professional reports

· Report building capabilities

· Business intelligence

iHealthHome partners with TIBCO and our platform embeds the Jaspersoft business intelligence capabilities to give you powerful capabilities to report, analyze and present data you’ve collected in your system to help you understand how to help your business and your clients thrive.

Sometimes your workflow and processes require specialized software to meet your needs. We are always open to improvements in the platform, to new features and new modules. Custom software development professional services are available if your solution requires software customization.

We understand your business – so our design process is painless. We speak the language of senior care and our technical team has a depth of understanding of your workflows, so you don’t need to translate your needs and with our agile development process, you are involved every step of the way to build any additional features you need.

Affordable hosting in the cloud in our multi-tenant environment makes accessibility to the power of robust care management available to even the solo practitioner.

For larger organizations – separate hosting in a dedicated environment is available and allows greater customization and data analytics flexibility.

Our systems are hosting on Microsoft Azure and professionally managed by certified infrastructure service providers. Your data is secure and HIPAA compliant.

An outcome of your provision of senior services and operating workflows is the ability to invoice for your services, compensate your staff and keep track your finances. iHealthHome integrates with a variety of account software packages such as Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop and can export to others such as Sage. Our goal is to fully automate the workflow from operational data entry directly into financial systems so that you can eliminate as many of the manual accounting tasks.

We partner with MyCare Alliance who specialize in billing, bookkeeping and payroll services for senior services providers.

Go to: mycarealliance.com/financial-administration-solutions/

MyCare Alliance bookkeeping professionals are certified Quickbooks accountants specifically specializing in senior care buisnesses.

From needing to conference with someone about a difficult case or just get some advice from a colleague about running your own business, iHealthHome has joined a network of care manager Allies who want to help each other succeed. MyCare Alliance is dedicated to the support and growth of care management professionals so that every senior can have access to affordable care management services when they need it.

iHealthHome customers can join MyCare Alliance with preferred status and join a network of Allies dedicated to helping each other build care management best practices, learn about tools to further automate their processes, and connect senior services providers to collaborate in growing accessibility of services to more seniors.